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December 2011



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Dec. 19th, 2011


Guilt and Exhaustion

Leaflet can barely breathe. Guilt has one hand around her throat while Exhaustion has a firm grip around her body, making her unable to move. she felt constricted, trapped. she used to get along with them. Guilt and Exhaustion have always hovered around her but they never touched her nor did they ever harm her. Leaflet, Guilt and Exhaustion have co-existed together in harmony...

but all of it changed when Leaflet found Freedom and Joy. she knew Freedom but they never got the chance to interact. until one day when they were thrust together. at first, Leaflet didn't know what to do or how to approach Freedom. but eventually, they became friends. through Freedom, Leaflet saw how her life looked like compared to others. and for the first time, Leaflet saw the chains that are bound to her.

"others didn't have these chains, why do i have them?" Leaflet wondered. she used to think they were a part of her, that everyone had those. but she was wrong. and the worst of it all is that her chains were not tied to her feet nor her hands. they were bound to her heart. Freedom eventually introduced Joy to Leaflet and Leaflet loved her. Joy helped her fly. she helped her see the beauty of life. Leaflet though that what she had before- the life she had before- was happy. but what she had before was just the shadow of happiness. there, lies ahead is real happiness. and she wants to get it.

so she packed her stuff and went to meet Freedom. but before she could step out, her chains dragged her inside. and at the end of the chain was Guilt. Guilt stopped her from seeking out Freedom and Joy.

"You cannot go with them, yet." Guilt growled.
"Why not?" Leaflet asked. "I want Freedom and Joy. i like them and i want them."
"All your life, you've learned to say no to what you want. why must you say yes and get it now?" Guilt asked. "your don't know Freedom and Joy yet. would you run off with them before your sisters meet them?"

and with those words, Leaflet succumbed to Guilt.

she tried to fight him, sometimes she would sneak out to see Freedom and Joy. but one day, Guilt brought a friend that disabled Leaflet to see Freedom and Guilt. he brought Exhaustion. he sucked the life out of Leaflet. whenever Leaflet sees Freedom, and when the do spend time, Guilt would come rushing onto her followed by Exhaustion.

it wont be long before she goes...

Dec. 15th, 2011



it rained, then stopped, then rained again. the weather was pretty much an unpredictable pain that matched the roller coaster of emotions that Leaflet experienced earlier today. she woke up, panicked that she'd be late for school. then she entered an empty classroom, assumed that there was no class only to find out that their class was held in a different place. then she was bummed when the head of their organization told her off. and of course, the other people in the office heard and verbally agreed with the head. then she went into fight mode when her favorite heroine struggled with her battle against the legion of bean sidhes-- and eventually lost. she experienced a lot of strong emotions that the moment her head hit the pillow, she felt how drained she was...

and it was just a normal day.

Leaflet then started to wonder how the people who lived in that world survived. she always wanted to live in that world, to be one of them, one of the heroines she adored so much. but would she survive? if she couldn't even handle the pressure and harshness of her own world. can she fight like the heroines do? change destiny, love like no other, give up everything?

today, Leaflet realized why her heroines are called as such. they fight uphill battles and despite the hardships, they still manage to learn and improve. some even find love and manage to give everything they have for that person. and they also had to deal with the realities of their world. for once, Leaflet saw them. really saw them in their own light. and she admired them more than ever. the heroines.

and with that though, Leaflet sighed deeply. before she once again succumbed to the arms of slumber, she promised herself that she would become a heroine of her world. she would succeed. she would be one of them. a true heroine.